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You have heard it in every workshop you have taken about building your business and brand.

“Social media is vital to a business’s success in today’s digital age.”

Only problem is most people’s experience with social media consist of posting cute pictures of their _______________. fill in the blank (cat, dog, baby, kiddo or dinner.)

Social Media posting is personal.

It shares with the world FOREVER who you are. It feels vulnerable to step outside of your comfort zone, to begin sharing yourself with the world.  No wonder you put so much pressure on yourself to create THE PERFECT social media post. That pressure can be so overwhelming, that you keep letting it slip down your to-do list.

A well planned and thought out social media campaign will put you on the map.

or does this sound like you … “I post all the time and nobody, but my mom ever likes or comments on my post.”

“Nobody wants to hear what I have to say.”

The problem could lie in what you are posting, the frequency you are posting, the design, time or the fact that you are not creating a call to action in your post. That is where I come in. I work side by side with you to co-create a social media campaign using branded images with relevant content and program promotions that results in engaged followers.

Together, we collaborate to design your brand through your social media following. We use your voice, interest and business profile to optimize your current following and build a new audience full of your ideal client.

Creating a strategic sm plan with branded images takes the guesswork out of what to post and when to post it.

It replaces your stress and overwhelmed feelings with satisfaction and a certainty that allows you to focus on building programs and connecting with clients.

Zimmerman Vineyards is a hidden gem of a winery that we stumbled upon by accident one day. We believe they have some of the best red wines we’ve had in years! After a few visits to their vineyard, we were in love. I noticed they had a huge following that was not being leveraged to their advantage. We now work on an ongoing basis with Leslie to build a sm campaign as well as plan other events through the year that re-engages their following, while inviting new patrons to fall in love with their location and wines. 

Rachelle Trahan is a Speaker and Live Your Purpose Coach who helps you to step out of your comfort zone, show up bigger and brighter, and live your big mission. Rachelle was excited to create daily post and her own social media content as she felt called each day. However, she needed the graphic design and branding assistance that I can offer. I created sm templates that she then used in Canva to create her own post images as she managed her own sm campaign. I also used her amazing branding photos and created Facebook headers for her groups and business pages.


Blue Russ has been dancing with the moon since she could dance. Connecting her business with the moon has helped her sustain it for nearly a decade, continuing to grow and evolve a coaching practice that supports her family.

Blue teaches moon magic wherever she goes, and delights in the success of her hundreds of clients over the years. We have helped blue with branding, social media images, programs and even her podcast.

She is currently living in her dream home in the mountains of Arizona, and can be found gazing at the moon most nights. You’ll see her personality and passions in all that we have designed for her!


Are you tired of all the effed-up ways business is being done around you? I am! and that’s why I’ve made it a goal of mine to change the way I do business.

Welcome to the Business as Activism Podcast.

Where Elijah Selby looks at how doing business in the Patriarchal paradigm is causing harm and perpetuating an unjust system. Elijah gets excited about new and better ways to do business that actually bring about healing and contribute to changing the world.

She passionately believes that together we can do our part by having conversations and taking steps forward to support each other, all while changing the world.

We worked with Elijah from concept to launch to create her podcast. Taking previous brand elements to blend them into her new podcast energy.


Happy Customers

“Cris helped us put our social media for our Zaxby’s location on the map. Prior to that we had hardly had anything or any traction. We now have hundreds of folks following us and positing and checking in when they are in our locations. Thanks to Cris we have seen a growth in sales.”

Angelea Cashion, Gate City Blvd & Palladium – Zaxby’s

Let’s Design Your Social Media!