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The Path That Lead Me Here

After more years than I like to admit of experience in sales and marketing, I was bored selling a service that didn’t fulfill me. I was working in a boy’s world to provide for my family.

That didn’t feel good or align with my purpose … So I took a leap of faith.

I had no idea where I would land or what I would do when I grew up, but I knew what I was doing felt empty. It was time for a change. At 38 I went back to school to get my design degree. It felt like a natural next step to add to my sales and marketing experience.

I am not sure if I was surprised or not the night before my first class that I had jitters. The same feelings I recall feeling at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. (some 20 years earlier) Where will I park? What should I wear? Will the other kids like me? Will I make friends or will no one talk to me during break? 

What am I doing?

Can I really do this?

Should I be doing this?

What in the world was I thinking?

Sound familiar?

Replace students and kids with potential clients, customers or peers and you will see that what I felt has been many of the same emotions you have experienced and may still be experiencing as you grow your business.

The first few weeks of class, when breaks came, I went to the student area. I wanted to make friends. I tried to start conversations, but it didn’t feel authentic. I wasn’t really sure how to talk to the other students, who were sooo much younger than me. I didn’t know what to say or how to connect.

With time I stopped worrying, I stopped thinking about what I would say. I stopped focusing on how to “do it” and JUST DID IT.

I showed up for class. I did the work. I PROVED MYSELF TO MYSELF. I gained confidence.

Funny thing, That’s when I made friends. Other students saw my work. They asked how I did a project or process. They complimented me. They asked for my help.

See, I believe when we get out of our own way and stop trying. When we live in flow instead of control. We find our sweet spot.

That is where the magic happens. Where we truly find ourselves and follow our purpose.

Until now you may have been bogged down, over thinking the process, that you have not actually enjoyed what you are trying to create. You may even be wondering why you ever started this and if you are crazy for trying.

Let’s start by taking a deep breath and a moment to remember why you started doing what you are doing.

When you thought about the project or your new adventure did you …

feel a call in your heart?

get a flutter of butterflies in your tummy?

Share your ideas with others in your village with excitement?

did you light up thinking about the possibilities?

If you said no, then maybe you are crazy … no judgment here.

If you said YES! YES! I DID! You aren’t crazy and I want to help you.

I want to help you feel excitement for your journey and be the support that allows you to focus on the fun part of your business instead of the project management side.

Project Management is really my favorite part of what I do. I enjoy brainstorming with you. I get to bundle all my skills into one, marketing and design. Asking questions and helping you to expand your ideas. Once we have your ideas flushed out creating a plan and timeline of how to develop and produce your program or offer is where things really get exciting. Whether you are creating a video series, an online program or just a new opt-in, I can help you bring your thoughts to life.

Sales Pages. Program Automation.

Sales page design. Connected  to your payment gateway with program automation schedule. 


Easy. I take your grand ideas, design their layout while ensuring they are user-friendly for  your clients.

Video editing.

You shoot the raw video. I add in the video tiles, cut your bloopers and deliver a finished product. 

Direction. Planning. Accountability.

That is what I am here for! I help you map out a plan and stay on track!

I’ve worked with a number of Virtual Assistants and Cris stands out as a true gem. She’s detailed, thoughtful, creative, and has a depth of knowledge of technology, social media, and smart systems to help you birth your important projects. When you want to reach more people, create a movement, or take your brand to the next level you must have a good project manager by your side. I feel 150% supported by her and am grateful for the profound role that she is playing in my businesses. Thank you Cris.

Angelina DeWeese

Coach. Speaker. Doterra Wellness Advocate

I no longer depend on a boring sales job to provide for my family.

Now I am the behind the scenes girl that helps bring programs to life and change peoples lives in the process.

My first live event as project manager was for Network Marketing On Purpose in 2015 – Soul On Fire. A live event for 600 people in Salt Lake City, UT.

We spent months planning the event. Setting up registration. Lining up volunteers.

I worked with 4 women on the team for 6 months – my only connection to them was through weekly zoom calls. The morning of the event I walked into the space. Hugged my teammates and had no doubt that the stress and late nights I had put into the planning were totally worth it.

The music started.

The crowd began dancing and cheering.

The presenters came on stage. 

My eyes filled with tears of joy and excitement. (much like they are now just writing about the experience.)

I knew then that I had landed exactly where I was supposed to be at the moment.

That it didn’t matter if the other kids talked to me during class breaks. It mattered that I had found a calling. A way to make a difference and feel fulfilled. I was following my purpose.

I can’t wait to hear what you want to create and how I can be a part of it.





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