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Is podcasting on your vision board or part of your upcoming strategic plan? Maybe you have a podcast but need some help.


There are lots of details to producing a successful podcast,

1. All the tech details like: choosing your hosting site, submitting your podcast to all the streaming sites, receiving approval from apple podcast, making sure your graphics are the correct size

2. Then there are the recording details such as: picking proper equipment, how do you record video/audio or just audio

3. The essential details like picking your name, including a URL and social media names, creating branded graphics, and naming episodes

4. Then comes the fun of guest management, invites, confirmations, thank you emails, and sharing when the podcast is live

Are you tired and overwhelmed already, just thinking about it?

We understand!

Our clients asked to expand into the podcasting arena, so we started our podcast, Grounding Journey, to understand and experience all that our clients would encounter first hand.

With our own experience of starting a podcast, not just helping clients, we can walk our clients and their podcast vision from dream to reality.


  • If you are new to podcasting, we will work side by side with you
  • to create an understanding of who will listen to your podcast
  • guide you through the decision making aspects of getting set up
  • give you templates to get started with guest management
  • share sample scripts of intro/outro pre-recordings necessary

Once you’re up and recording, we will support you with editing, upload, and promotions of your podcast. 

Do you have an existing podcast? Maybe you are looking for an audit, a new podcast manager, or someone to take over production responsibilities? We would love to become part of your team!

Let’s connect for a 30 min call to discuss your needs and how we can support you.

Creating your podcast isn’t just about the guest and recording. Using our design skills and podcasting experience we will also create graphics to use for sm post, blog postings, and quote image templates that help you promote your podcast and build your audience.

Let’s Plan Your podcast!