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Does this sound like you?
Re-designing your logo every six months while you try to fine-tune your brand …
Re-design, heck, you can’t decide what exactly your brand is supposed to look like.
Full of excitement about your brand but don’t know how to create what you sketched out on a napkin at dinner last week?

 The Torii Gateway is as ancient as Japan’s culture, that is as spiritual as it is symbolic. The entrance to sacred grounds and Shinto Shrines are marked with a Torii gate. While made from wood (painted or unpainted), trees, stone or concrete, simple or elaborate, the message the gate creates is the feel for what lies inside. The Torii gate has been described as a symbol of the transition from mundane to sacred.


It shows to the world that you’re not mundane.
Branding (or rebranding) is the opportunity to connect with your why and your ideal client to present to the world who and what you are!

What to Expect

We start with your why, desire, and goals for your business. Then, once I understand who you are and your vision of your business, we’ll start to create.

I’ll create multiple versions of a logo for you to consider before we fine-tune your final version. Most importantly, I do not design what I like. I design what YOU LOVE!

Once your brand speaks for you, I work with you to carry your brand through social media, web design, promotional items (business cards, brochures, workbooks, signage).

Mama Laura's Chocolate

Love chocolate? Of course you do. Mama Laura’s is a local gal that sells her chocolates to local wineries. She had built a strong following and strong brand recognition. When it became time to expanded her reach, I helped her create a brand within her brand, along with new letterhead using her well known logo. She was then able to begin marketing to real estate agents as a gift to give new home owners.

Top Reps

Angelea felt the logo of her company was too “manly”. It didn’t speak to her clients. She sells office furniture to female office managers and interior designers. She referred me to her boss for a redesign of their website, which included their logo, line cards and another promotional elements. Check out their old brand and how I spruced it up a little.

Kristen T.

Kristen created her first logo in Canva, but knew it wasn’t what she wanted. She worked on sketched out more of her vision. Not having the ability or software to fine tune her design, she reached out to me for help. After discussing her vision more, my skills and software along with her sketch made easy work of creating her logo.


Lighten Up

Bold Beginnings Coaching

Grounding Journey


I was introduced to Cris at a time when I was feeling very stuck & overwhelmed from juggling too many tasks and priorities around getting my health coaching practice off the ground. And then Cris became my co-pilot, creating my beautiful website, logo, business card, and other branding materials. And, now she is helping me to carry out the technical/automation pieces around blogging, social media, and e-mail marketing.

Cris is talented, creative, and heart-centered … so easy to work with. I love that she has a background in graphic arts, web design, and marketing. I think it’s rare to find someone who possesses that combination of skill sets. I am truly grateful that I opened up my mind and heart to reach out for Cris’s services, and I encourage YOU to do the same! It will help you to feel more EASE in your life.

Dina Eve Weiss, Certified Health & Weight Loss Coach


Let’s Design Your Torii Gate!!