Dive Deep with us and learn powerful coaching skills to motivate, inspire and intuitively lead your team.

The biggest mistake people make when building a team is giving them advice.

Yep you read that right. But isn’t advice what we must do to create motivation?

It seems advice works, but it does not last.  Most network marketing companies rely on “inspiration” to motivate and inspire their teams to a greater level of success and that works BUT what they are not always teaching is HOW to shift their teams fears and concerns so that they move into clarity and massive action.

Underlying fears and concerns are what keep people stuck and taking action yet NOT getting the results that they want.

How would you like to know HOW to move beyond your own limitations AND learn to “coach” yourself {and your team} to do the same?

What happens (most of the time) when you give someone advice?

They don’t follow through, right? Or they do for a little while and then go back to their same old ways.


Your team isn’t moving forward or isn’t taking action and you can’t figure out why so you desperately search for more creative advice… And it doesn’t work. It’s not your fault! What you may never have been taught was how to create real, lasting change.

Here’s What You Will Learn In the 4 Week Deep Dive:

We all have underlying fears, concerns, and limiting beliefs, but we don’t all know how to mentor others to go beyond them. What does it really take to motivate others beyond their fears? It takes learning skills to address the underlying reason for staying stuck.

Dive Deep with us and learn powerful coaching skills

to motivate, inspire and intuitively lead your team.



4 Week Deep Dive includes:

A Powerful Video Module delivered to your email box
each week that will guide you through uncovering what’s holding you back from building the business and life that you desire. Learn the process of letting go and allowing your mind to know it’s safe to have what you and your team really want.  
Weekly “Coaching Lounge” Calls lead by our team
Master Belief Breakthrough Coaches lead each call allowing you to can connect with fellow Deep Divers on weekly practice calls and get personal support. Practice, connect, learn, and grow together while developing powerful communication and new mentoring skills.   
Exclusive Private Facebook Community Group
Complete Recordings of All Calls
Need to attend late, duck out early, or miss a live call altogether? No Problem. All calls are recorded for 24/7 access on your exclusive member’s page.

Want your team to experience The Deep Dive with you?

We have created discounted bundle packages for you and your team to dive deep together.

Contact us here to learn more.

Master the art of inspiring your team

{and yourself} into a new level of action!

When will I get the Videos?

Getting Started Module – Friday, October 5th

Module #1 – Friday, October 12th

Module #2 – Friday,October 19th

Module #3 – Friday, October 26th

Module #4 – Friday, November 3nd

When are the “Coaching Lounge” Calls?

Weekly Coaching Lounge Calls

Week #1 Thursday, October 17th      4:00pm PST/ 7:00pm EST

Week #2 Thursday,October 24th      4:00pm PST/ 7:00pm EST

Week #3 Thursday,October 31st      4:00pm PST/ 7:00pm EST

Week #4 Thursday, November 7th      4:00pm PST/ 7:00pm EST

What is a “Coaching Lounge”?
Good Question! Coaching Lounges are a place for you to deepen your personal journey as well as practice your “coaching skills”.  You’ll be partnered up with a colleague and have a safe place to practice the skills that will be taught in the program (for those of you who are worried about not knowing how to coach, we will have scripts for you to use). These lounges will be lead by our On Purpose Coaches. It’s important to us that you are getting major shifts in your life and that requires practice.
What if I have to miss a call?
All Q & A training calls are recorded and will be available on your members page. If you miss a coaching lounge call you can find another partner outside of the propose times through the Facebook thread for each week to have a one-on-one coaching lounge with. Included in each week’s module is a video of Angelina preforming demo coaching call. She walks you through the complete process so you and your partner will know what to do on your call. 
Do you offer refunds if I don’t like it?
Yes. Listen to the first training call and participate in the first Coaching Lounge. If you’re not completely satisfied, you have 24 hours after Coaching Lounge #1 to receive 100% of your investment back.
When does the next round of Deep Dive start?

The next round will begin late January 2019. We will announce the official start date in December.