Online programs and strategic business planning can feel like wandering through a labyrinth. It’s easy to get lost and find yourself at a dead end. But with a little patience, a few deep breathes walking the labyrinth can be a revitalizing and enjoyable experience.

We understand that sometimes the big things like launching your online program makes the little things like designing your workbook or PowerPoint feel so overwhelming that you want to run in the other direction.

You started your business because of the passion and fire in your heart for what you do, we get that. We did too.

We can relate — while Matthew and I say we started CMG Ideas by accident, passion is what keeps us growing. I was working for a friend of a friend on the side, that turned into working for another friend of a friend and another.

Before we knew it, our client list had grown, except we were struggling. We had our nose to the ground focused on working with clients that we didn’t see that we were missing out on opportunities to grow our business. We were comfortable where we were and not looking towards the future.

When things slowed down and we took a look around, we realized our website was outdated. There were many ideas written on our to-do list, the LONG never-ending to-do list, that hadn’t been implemented.

It was time to focus on new avenues — to experiment with different trends, ways to grow, like podcasting and creating new opt-ins.

The benefit of turning our focus inward for a while is it gave us a fresh look at growing our business.

We saw how trends had changed in 5 years, what’s working now and what’s not. The best benefit is we were able to experience growing our business again just like our clients were experiencing.

I experienced first hand how launching a program, new brand and a podcast all at the same time can either be stressful or a revitalizing and enjoyable adventure.

It all depends on who you have supporting you through the experience.

Working with CMG ideas will give you the support and experience to expand your business with the programs and offerings your heart is calling out for you to create.

We thrive in helping rockstar innovators, like you, to develop their brand, message and programs. I love working side by side with our clients, learning their voice to fully understand their message and purpose.

Matthew digs the tech stuff. You know the stuff you need to know how to do but don’t really want to do…

Our goal is to handle the behind the scenes items allowing you the space to enjoy creating the content you’re dreaming up.

Together we develop your strategic blueprint.

Working closely with you to map out where you envision your business going.

Helping you to stay grounded and moving forward while developing your program.

Sound like just the support you’re looking for?

I invite you to connect with me through a discovery call.

By filling out our questionnaire, you give us insight into what you need assistance with most in your business. During the call, I spend 45-minutes exploring your needs and questions. This one-on-one time allows us to discover if we would be the right partner for you in developing your brand and business.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Our Services


Strategic Planning

Creating a map to reach your clients by sharing your voice and personality is how we plan for future growth.

Program Launches

We support you in planning, executing and launching your programs, opt-ins, online summits and other avenues of growth for your business.  


Ready to expand your reach? We’ll help you automate all your funnels and build your membership site.  

Content Funnels

Nurturing relationships with your current clients through a strategic follow-up campaign will grow your business.

Podcast Production

Whether you’re brand new to podcasting or just need support, we can help you with production, launch, and promotion.

Branding & Website Design

I help you to build your business and your brand to authentically reflect who you are and how the world sees you. 

"Cris is talented, creative, and heart-centered … so easy to work with."

-Dina Eve Weiss


Certified Health & Weight Loss Coach

"Cris is the high-vibe entrepreneur's best virtual assistant! "

-Rachelle Trahan

Spiritual Coach of Coaches

"Cris made it so simple."

- Top Reps

"I am very pleased with the way that Cris has upgraded my online presence! "

- Leslie

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